Under the umbrella of Cybeinc, multiple creative and innovative brands come together allowing inclusion of technology in business and smart operational approaches. Cybeinc owns a portfolio of digitally competitive businesses.



RizzApps is a SaaS based product designed to automate the processes in a restaurant. The web-app enables the restaurateur to control his restaurant processes through a tablet or a smartphone while on the go.


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OrderPlug is a localized premium online ordering widget launched by Cybeinc. It is a SaaS based subscription service that allows retail businesses to automatically receive and process orders from their own Facebook page, website or mobile app platforms. The ‘Order Now’ option appears in the menu tab of the selected platform, which contains a virtual listing of products offered by the retail business, from which you can pick and choose items and place the order with the retailer. Request a demo:

Redtank Studio

RedTank Studio

The digital creative ThinkTank is a creative agency specializing in integrated marketing for the web, designing, SEO, website and app development and content creation.




Evenchia offers something for everyone. This is an event management company, which takes care of your theme décor and plans the event seamlessly.