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Learn How Your Customers Feel About You.

SurveyPro allows businesses to gather, share, and implement customer feedback to skyrocket business growth.

What is SurveyPro?

SurveyPro allows businesses to gather, share, and implement customer feedback to skyrocket business growth.


Real-Time Customer Feedback

Enjoy Real-Time Customer Feedback to Enhance Business Growth. Get insights into how your customers see your business and remember, when you care about your customers, success cares for itself!



Gather Customer Feedback through an easy-to-use and effective Software. Analyze how your customers feel, identify problem areas, and provide personalized and immediate solutions to each feedback that is collected.



You’ll always be the one to hear your Feedback. Whether it’s good or bad, with Feedback Pro, you be the first to hear what your customer experiences.


The Feedback Obtaining Process


Ask your customers for feedback


Review and analyze the feedback


Act on the feedback by sharing it with the ones who can bring changes.


Follow-up with customers who have given feedback to let them know you’re listening.

Make your it Easy for Customers to Share their Feedback

Create short and simple surveys, share them via an iPad/tablet and simplify the feedback capturing process.

Understand Customer Feedback and Resolve Issues Instantly

With SurveyPro, you’ll get customer feedback in the moment, so you can solve any problems right there and then.

Use Customer Data to Re-capture your In-active Customers

Learn everything about your customer- including name, number, and email address. Use this information to connect with your customer, exceed their expectations and re-capture your in-active customers.

Send Emails/SMS' to bring back those In-Active Customers

Re-target your in-active customers by sending them personalized emails/SMS'.

Use Customer Analytics to Learn about your Customer and Plan Ahead

Become aware of how often your customers visit, how much they spend, and how satisfied they are with your business, and plan for the future accordingly.

Increase Repeat Sales and make more Loyal Customers

Use our analytics to learn how to keep your customers happy and turn those occasional customers into loyal customers.

Track and Improve your Performance through our built-in Dashboard

Get ahead with detailed reports in your dashboard that let you track your performance on a daily basis. Use these reports to keep a check on customer service and see how your business is improving it’s performance over time.



Place a unique QR Code on all payment receipts that takes customers to a survey form.



Send your customers an SMS after delivery to obtain feedback.



Email your customers a survey form after delivery and get feedback.

Our Solutions

We understand that every business is different so instead of doing one-fit solutions for all, Cybeinc offers tailored solutions that are professional and practical at the same time.